We all make mistakes – you know it, I know it, God knows it and every religious book in the world acknowledges it. But regardless of what the religious books say to put the fear of God in all of us – I don’t think there is a Judgement Day. I think the reason why we are all sinners is because God made us so, he wanted us to be imperfect, vulnerable and sin. Simultaneously, God made sure we have the capability to be heroes, be selfless and to love others.


Like the famous British novelist, C.S. Lewis said,

I think that if God forgives us we must forgive ourselves. Otherwise, it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him.

Clear Conscience and Confessions

The purpose of “Confessions” in Catholic Churches, is primarily to clear once conscience. To achieve a sense of well being without being burdened by the day to day actions that lead us into paths of sin. Similarly, in Buddhism there is a  school of thought that the moment we are born, we start sinning. Everything we do is at the expense of another life. We breathe, we drink, we eat, we walk, all human activities invariably lead to death and destruction of some life form or another. And while some may famously promote vegetarianism as a form of non-violence towards other living beings, plants are indeed living creatures too. Similarly, the act of cutting down trees and plants may be considered violent behaviour too. So in essence there is no absolute non-violence or absolute sin-free existence.

Sin is going to be part of our existence from birth to death. However, we must choose to not to be burdened by it. To always have the ability to let go of our past, think of our current actions and ensure that we are not hurting the cumulative life of the Universe, more that we ought to.

But Be Responsible…

This is the flip side of the coin. So while we will continue to sin and confess our sins to relieve our burdens, we must also act responsibly. In every sinner, there is a tinge of Godliness too. And so just like we have the capability to sin, we also have the ability to help, to serve and to love. And we must continuously find the God within us. Like Jesus said in the Bible Luke 17:21,

nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst

So remember that God didn’t make us perfect, because he wanted us to learn from our imperfections. But in the process of learning from our imperfections, we are expected to do both good and bad deeds. Bad deeds should not bring us down. We should confess our sins with brutal honesty and find the strength to forgive ourselves and move on. We should then use all our energies to find the strength within us to do focus on doing something good, something meaningful, purposeful and something that would make our existence on this planet (albeit brief) worth its inception….

don’t wither into the shadows like slipping sand through the hands of time,

thrust forward your existence in this world,  whether in ruins or in prime

Wish you all a happy guilt free life ahead of you….

I have been for a while working on question whether free will exists or is everything God’ s will. And strangely the conclusion that I am converging towards is that – Freewill when aligned to God’s will is the most powerful desire, and produces the most desirable outcomes.
The two most popular beliefs are Karma and Destiny. But just like every other major problem in the world,  it is when the duality begins to fade into a single proposition, is when magic begins to unfold. So when Karma leads to Destiny and when Freewill is God’s will,  that is when you will start to experience something different in your life.
It has started to happen to me. I can feel it, yet hard to explain,  though. I am yet to feel the magic but I can sense it coming.
I am willing to receive with open arms, if God is willing me to have it.
Insha’Allah, indeed….
Word Perfect….

Just read another piece of spiritual literature called “Power of now” by Eckhart Tolle.

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are – Eckhart Tolle. 

Quite an interesting piece on God, Universe, Divinity, Consciousness,  the Being and the present moment in time. Although,  it draws several references from the Bhagavad Gita,  Bible, Zen, Taoist and Buddhist teachings,  it’s main emphasis seems to be in focusing on the present moment in time. Channel all your physical, emotional and spiritual energies into this very moment – the Now.

However, I was left with a very basic question unanswered – the Why? Why would I want or need to do that – focus on the present? Is it because I am trying to achieve something or get rid of something?
According to the book, the motivation for spiritual search could be a pain or a problem that one is trying to relieve oneself from. And then there’s the famous teaching of Buddhism that “attachment is the reason for all suffering in the world”.

But what if there’s no suffering,  no pain. Like in the life of a small happy child. Does the child deserve or merit no spiritual knowledge and if yes what can be the child’s motivation for it? Or in a young adult’s life?

I have experienced some very deep love in my life,  such fundamental pure love that the joy it brings, begins to hurt. And I am coming to a realisation – May be Buddha was not completely correct or may be he has been misunderstood in “attachment as the root of all suffering” statement.  Maybe attachment is a good thing.  In my life I have always found that true love and true attachments,made me a better human being.  It always put me in deep touch with my emotional under being which in turn almost always influenced me positively.

As a young kid, love for my parents drove me to perform better in school and sports,  even when I disagreed with their advice.  As a young adult,  love for my girlfriend and my wife, made me quit all the vices that young males are generally prone to, even though I always got upset with her for pointing it out in me. So where is the flaw in attachments?  On the contrary, experience is showing me that attachment leads to healthy levels of accountability and responsibility. Which in turn fuels the urge for permanent happiness through quest for spirituality and focus on the present moment.

So is it that attachment can be a motivation for living in the present – the power of Now? Could Buddha have been wrong or has he been misunderstood?

And the Quest continues…….

It’s been a while since i wrote anything. Today I want to write about something that I have started to think and believe. Our connection to God is our soul, our connection to the world are our senses, our emotions help us feel what the senses detect and it is our mind that is the bridge between the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.
So senses over the world, body over the senses, mind over the body, emotions over the mind, soul over the emotions and God above the soul.

More to come!

I regularly read Bible, Gita and Qu’ran (English versions) and I am beginning to have some serious questions about the quality of these scriptures. I believe as much of it is towards our spiritual development and divine connection, there are parts of it, that we must acknowledge are corrupt.

For example, the unwarranted amount of violence and divine punishment that is mentioned in the Old Testament seems nothing short of a given sect/power/teacher trying to scare the living masses into submission to God’s will out of fear – not out of love. For e.g. I can barely get myself through some sections of Book of Ecclesiastes or Book of Isaiah. In my sound mind, I find it very hard to believe, that God, our Father, the Lord, the creator of the Universe just wanted Jerusalem as the holy city and no other place in the world to have an equivalent holy status.

Similarly, in Qu’ran some chapters like the Sura Az-Zukhruf or Az-Zalzala, seems like an attempt to scare people into submission to God’s will. Personally, I believe religion can not be close to these arguments in anyway.

No one should misunderstand my statements, I believe in religion and I believe in these scriptures and I find them magical. There have been several moments where a certain para or quotation has resonated with something deep in my heart. And I believe they are a wealth of knowledge but I believe over the years certain chapters and certain paragraphs have been corrupted by the politically  motivated and some evil has found its way into our religions and practice of our religions today. May be that is why life is no longer as magical or beautiful for many or us, as it could be specially with so many scientific breakthroughs.

So one thing I feel is that I would really want to get rid of from all these scriptures is the ‘Fear of God’ – a topic I have extensively written about. And at the risk of being repetitive, I will reiterate a fundamental acceptance of my life – Fear is evil and love is God. Do not fear anything (not even God) and love everything in this world, even your enemy.

Look deep within yourself, if you are scared of anything – you are distant from your God. And if you dislike anything – you are again distant from your God.

I quote from Qu’ran, Surah Az-Zukhruf 43:63-64 – “And when Jesus brought clear proofs, he said, “I have come to you with wisdom and to make clear to you some of that over which you differ, so fear Allah and obey me. Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This is a straight path.”

I find it hard to believe that Jesus, the man who professed universal love, ever asked anyone to fear him. He did not even hurt people who killed him, I doubt he ever professed ‘fear’ – of any sort.

Absolute love and absolute fearlessness are the first step in direction of finding your God. And everything contrary should be challenged.

If you read the English translation of Qu’ran, you will come across an interesting phenomenon. The Devil in Islam is referred to as ‘Iblis‘ and in several places “Bismillah” (In the name of the God/God’s grace) is expected to lead to a state of ‘divine bliss‘. And in several places you will encounter both in the same Sura’h, to the point that you will start to wonder whether it is ‘I’ that stands in between ‘Bliss’ and ‘Iblis’.

‘I’ – the epitome of self-preservation, a symbol of human ego and individualism  – something that drags us further from our state of divine connection with the almighty. As it states in several religious texts – To experience the divine, one has to dissolve one’s ego

Not sure if it is just a stupid observation or a strange coincidence but somehow it keeps appearing to me that it is the ‘I’  that separates bliss from Iblis. And to me, I am beginning to understand the insignificance of ‘I’ and making daily attempts to merge ‘I’ with ‘All – the Almighty!’ – and so bless me Lord….

To some it might seem like my strange correlation – to me it seems like a simple revelation…..

I have previously explored the concept of Karma in my posts on

And today I want to introduce another dimension to it – “The Judgement Day”

Both the Bible and Qu’ran require their followers to believe in the concept of the judgement day. In Bible, it is mentioned in all the Canonical gospels while in Islam it is supposed to happen at the end of time. Some Jews view the annual “Rosh Hashanah” as the day of the judgement.

All these tend to indicate a common “Judgement Day” when everyone is judged on the same day while Karma leans towards “individual accountability”.

Then there is “collective accountability” as frequently mentioned in Qu’ran with reference to “Ad“, “Thamud” and “people of Pharaoh”. So we may not have ourselves sinned but being a witness to it and taking no action to undo it makes us a “collective” participant.

I believe all these concepts are in sync with each other. We must all believe there is a judgement day. And we must take individual and collective accountability for our actions. However, unlike pure Karma, there is always room for ‘redemption’ where one may receive God’s mercy through sacrifice, self-realization and repentance.

Here’s what I am beginning to conclude – We should believe in both Individual and collective accountability. And we must make every possible effort to redeem ourselves from everything that we inherently believe to be wrong by our own moral standards. There will definitely be a judgement day for us. It may not be dramatic and collective as the Bible or Qu’ran suggest. It might be an individual judgement day. It could happen in this life or afterlife, at the discretion of our Creator but just because we have dodged it till now, does not mean our actions will not catch up with us. We would be called to justify our acts and rewarded or punished accordingly. It is immature to think that we can do whatever we want and get away with it. When every physical and chemical element in the Universe is expected to behave in a predictable fashion (which science is beginning to understand) and get restored in its natural state through one law or another to enforce its equilibrium, then how can we be so imbecile as to think that we (a constituents of the same predictably behaving physical and chemical elements) can behave out of the natural boundaries of behavior and get away with it. It is exactly why Nature punishes cannibalism and inbreeding, because that is outside our natural established behaviour and we are born with natural checks and balances.

In corollary, just because we are in a dump today does not necessarily mean it is a punishment to us, either…. the balance WILL restore itself… hang in there, believe in it. Even if you don’t believe in God, believe in the natural order of things around you – the balance will restore itself, even at the cost of you, if you are the imbalance 🙂

Today onward, I would make an earnest effort to be in harmony with my surroundings (people and environment alike)….. may God give me the strength and wisdom…. So help me Lord!

“…the truth will set you free…” – John 8:32

So what is the Truth? And how does it matter?

Questions that have bothered me for a while and I am beginning to gravitate towards the fact that there is some truth to life

  • There is most likely a God (a power, energy or authority) that controls and manages all conscience, conscience that is responsible for irrational but emotional behavior while giving us some basic common spiritual motivations in life.
  • Conscience and Thought, although metaphysical, have the capability to transcend and overcome physical limitations like how some people can bear limitless pain or run/swim non-stop for hours
  • Physical death is almost a certainty (I am yet to encounter reasonable evidence to contrary, though people like Jesus and Hanuman are supposed to have conquered death)

So, does it matter?

May be….

May be, it does

Because if there is a God and if death is a near certainty and if conscience and thought can really overcome the physical then – impossible is nothing…… Get up and fight and you will win… no matter the impossibility of the challenge that confronts you, no matter if it puts your life at risk, if you believe in it with all your heart you can make it happen because it is your conscience (your soul, your instinct) that connects you with God which is telling you to fight… Fight with all your might, for you are connected to God and believe that you will win and you will win….

Death is nothing to be scared of, it does not make you a loser, it will just give you afresh start to start your fight all over again with renewed vigor…. And if you really dare, challenge death….. for that is of course the ultimate fight… Fear is evil, not death….

So whatever challenge in your life, please don’t be scared, specifically not of death… any fight can be won, you just have to fight with all your heart…. only fear is evil for it makes us into what we are inherently not – losers….. we are born to learn, conquer and grow and that you must……

Is that true?

Based on hours of introspection and religious studies, I am beginning to think that my soul has been created at a higher plane of consciousness by a being very powerful – Let’s call him God and so I become God’s creation (something I alluded to in my earlier post Jesus, my Brother)

Recently I heard about Stephen Hawking’s ‘The Grand Design’ (which I plan to read) where he supposedly deems God to be unnecessary for creation of Universe. However, I believe that in his quest to explain origins of the universe/multiverse, Mr. Hawking has inadvertently missed out on explaining the origins of consciousness.

Although I don’t aim to answer that mammoth question – I do believe The Quest would lead to some understanding of the origins of consciousness and life….

So who am I? – More than a sum total of elements, compounds and chemical reactions inside my body…. I am more than just a body. I am an idea, a soul, a consciousness….

The Buddhist and Hindu concepts of Karma largely revolves around ‘accountability for one’s actions’. Every individual is responsible for all his/her actions, good or bad, and must largely live through the consequences of their actions.

However, then there is the concept of ‘redemption‘ – it is found in Gita (Hinduism) and Buddhism as well. However, it is more clearly spelled out in the Abrahamic religions.

Together Karma and Redemption make for a very interesting philosophy. To err is human but to forgive is divine, with forgiveness of the Lord being the goal for one’s folly. Once redemption is achieved for human erring, one can aim for blessings of God to fulfill the cycle of Karma with positive energy, elevating oneself to a higher spiritual plane.

Humility and Prayer thus are indeed the cornerstone of every religion because they are the means for achieving redemption towards a higher karmic plane because everything is

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمbismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm In the name of God, the Most Graciousthe Most Merciful.